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Top 10 Digital Marketing Tips For Your Christmas Campaign

'It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year' ... Holiday season is in full swing, and Christmas is almost upon us but are you ready?

Have you leveraged the power of digital marketing campaigns to ensure you get the most out of the holiday season?

Turnclicks Marketing has organized a gift for you!

We've prepared a list of what we consider the ‘Top 10’ key components of a successful marketing plan. What's more, you can tailor them to ensure you enjoy the best outcome and can satisfy even the most demanding modern-day consumers' needs!

1. Plan Ahead

It's essential to prepare your marketing campaign early, so if you haven't started yet, the race is on to implement the best strategies to get well prepared. It would help if you considered what message you want to convey, how best to deliver that message, the logistics surrounding the budget, your team's roles and responsibilities, and the resources you'll require.

2. Christmas Spirit

According to Wikipedia, ‘the term immersion marketing or immersive marketing includes traditional advertising, public relations, word-of-mouth advertising, digital marketing, samples, coupons, retail partnerships, and other ways of surrounding the consumer with a consistent message about a brand.' This marketing strategy has never been more prudent for marketers globally than during the holiday season.

For existing customers and prospects to feel at one with you and your 'Christmas Spirit,' you need to find a way to express it, engage their interest, and, most importantly ... retain it.

To ensure your Christmas Spirit gets successfully deployed and felt throughout your networks, you must incorporate holiday and Christmas-themed imagery throughout your branding and filter holiday sparkle throughout every aspect of your public image.


  • website

  • cover images

  • social media profiles

  • email signatures

You MUST leverage every opportunity.

Whether it be Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, or New Year, it’s safe to say that November and December are notoriously busy times for marketers regardless of your business vertical or location.

To be sure you take advantage of every opportunity available, you must be proactive in leveraging all the opportunities afforded to you by these significant dates.

Consider launching offers and promotions well in advance of the holiday period, along with your post-holiday message, or powerful campaign, to drive your brand powerfully into the new year and avoiding the notorious ‘post-holiday slump.'

3. Everyone Loves A Gift

Marketers and brands must take advantage of 'the time for giving.' By helping solve consumer’s problems and offering your products or services as pre-packaged, ready-to-give gifts that make lives easier, you can become a favored associate too!

4. Donate To Charity

We all know that making an effort to support the less fortunate is essential regardless of the time of year. However, Christmas is notoriously a time for giving, and so is an excellent time for your business to implement and promote your company’s corporate social responsibility. From a marketing perspective, consumers are more likely to choose brands that collaborate with a good cause.

5. Let The Preparation Begin

The Holiday season is a time guaranteed to increase visitors to your website, regardless of your product or service offering. However,

  • are you prepared?

  • is your website ready to handle this influx of traffic?

  • have you planned how you will manage your customer's needs and convert searches into valuable, loyal customers?

You must fine-tune your website to be sure:

  • details are up to date

  • it can cope with an increase in traffic.

  • all pages and links work

  • loading times are optimized

  • the design of your page converts well for mobile searches

6. SEO and SEM

SEO is a long-term digital marketing strategy. However, it's well-known that users' keywords get aligned to seasonal needs and requirements, so you must perform a keyword study to ensure you know the specific Christmas terms users search for so you can optimize your website for them.

SEM also has a significant impact during Holiday periods, not only strengthening your organic positioning but allowing you the opportunity to benefit from:

  • heightened brand awareness, equity of your products, and your services.

  • increased brand visibility and website traffic

  • targeted advertisements for the correct audience

  • lead and ad deployment based on preferences, needs, and locations

  • a competitive advantage.

  • a higher ROI compared to other advertising media.

7. We All Love A Bargain

While the holiday period is a time of increased spending, it doesn't mean consumers suddenly become spendthrifts - they often become quite the opposite, watching purse strings and becoming pricing savvy. So, offering discounts and promotions is a surefire way to gain an advantage over competitors.

8. Happy Holidays!

Personalized treatment that makes customers feel important is an excellent way of ensuring your customers remain loyal to your brand.

Sending a 'Happy Holiday' message is a neat way to show your customers they are important to you. However, emails can get lost amongst numerous others or even get diverted to the dreaded Junk Box if they don't get carefully crafted. It's essential to use an inviting subject line, deliver your message at peak hours, stand out from the crowd, and connect with your customer.

Why not share your successes, accomplishments, or give your customer a 'sneak peek' into what's to come in the year ahead?

Perhaps you could even offer a small gift such as an ebook offering insights into the world of digital marketing or your industry as a whole? A carefully written article or even something off the wall such as an e-recipe book containing all your staff's favorite drinks and dishes as inspiration for meals during this relaxing holiday season could prove to be a real winner.

9. It's An Emotional Time Of The Year

The holiday season is often an emotional time. While we associate it with feelings of happiness and warmth due to spending time with loved ones, we can also experience sadness as we remember those no longer with us, along with feelings of nostalgia when we think back to what makes Christmas special to us.

Subsequently, the holiday season is a great time to tug on the emotional heartstrings. However, this must get done carefully, and by using logic and emotion. Take time to think about what inspires you personally at this special time, and even discuss the same with your team to help you bring comfort and joy into your campaign, focus on your goals, and align them with your all-important customer's needs.

10. It's Christmas!

Societies worldwide look forward to this magical time of year, regardless of age, location, or social status, so it's a great time to 'Christmas Up' your marketing efforts such as:

  • having fun with social media

  • driving a viral effect

  • revising your product or service descriptions

  • including SEO-friendly terms

  • reviewing your customer's previous behaviors

  • targeting your campaigns

We want to help you with this, so why not contact us? One of our friendly team will be only too happy to guide and support you.

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