• Leigh Parker

Thinking Outside The Box Is Business Critical

“Thinking Outside The Box” is a phrase we are all familiar with but it is also a tactic that is very often underutilized by businesses. The phrase can be broadly defined as a creative new way of thinking, but how does this way of thinking differ from the more traditional approaches to marketing and what are the benefits of deploying such strategies when it’s common for mindsets from the top level down focus on ‘This is how we’ve always done it! If it ain't broke don’t fix it?’ And how can those mindsets be changed to encompass new ways of thinking and the benefits of doing so?

Traditional thought processing stems from our childhood experiences and is greatly influenced by our peers so it can be a challenge to shift away from deep-rooted opinions and to embrace new approaches to anything, least of all marketing strategies. However, in today's highly competitive world, it simply isn’t enough to remain one dimensional and to use traditional models. It is crucial to leverage the new opportunities technology provides us with and to deploy digital marketing campaigns that enable you to engage and retain customers and gain competitive advantage.

We are living in an era of extreme change and business have no choice but to transition and adapt to new digital influences and technologies to stay relevant. The integration of digital marketing strategies promote creativity, resourcefulness, adaptability, collaboration and leadership. Developing a more creative process and learning to integrate this new way of thinking into your marketing strategy will allow you:

Increased brand visibility

  • The opportunity to build lasting relationships

  • Improve brand awareness and recognition

  • Create loyalty and trust with existing customers and future prospects

  • Build authority and credibility

However, effective marketing campaigns require the implementation of a multi-faceted approach and the implementation of a vast array of methods to reach the intended market. Strongly aligning your digital marketing methods enables you to deliver a clear methodology that’s positive and reflective of your business.

Ultimately success depends on the effort you put into the process of planning. Some points for consideration are how you can:

  • set realistic and achievable goals

  • find and engage networking prospects

  • ensure effective search engine optimization for your website

  • leverage cross-promotional opportunities

  • utilize incentives and promotions

  • build community relationships

  • deliver your product or service with unique zest and enthusiasm

It is essential you stay ahead of the game. Keep abreast of current trends as knowledge is power and will enable you to ‘think outside the box’ and get a foot in the door before your competitors shut it in your face.

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