• Leigh Parker

Organic Traffic - The Best Things In Life Are Free

A well-known proverb that's thought to have originated from a song titled, “The Best Things In Life Are Free” performed in the 1927 musical Good News, is also a phrase that gets used frequently to illustrate that often the things that have the most value or quality cost nothing. The price of something does not always correctly indicate its overall value, and this is especially true within the field of digital marketing.

Maximizing organic (free) traffic channels, and deploying the necessary tactical strategies to raise organic traffic footprints and performance levels, should be a top priority for every marketing team, regardless of industry size, location, or vertical.

The ability to capture free, high quality, and highly qualified traffic, is, without a doubt, a core component of a successful digital marketing strategy. However, it is not always a simple task to perform, as is one that requires a complex blend of processes including, but not limited to:

Responsive Performers: IT and website managing teams need to stay on the same page and strongly aligned to implement necessary changes as and when required to optimize opportunities promptly. 

SEO Stars: It's not enough to only be experienced within the technical side of SEO, or specialize solely in SEO content strategies. Digital marketing is fast-paced and ever-evolving, and so the two must work together in unison and be able to identify and bridge gaps effectively and efficiently.

Content Kings: Marketers must leverage the power of the content that your audience (prospects and customers) will search for - that meets their needs, engages them, retains them, and creates a call for action quickly and effectively, so creating a free traffic footprint and capturing organic traffic.

Amazing Analytics: Data-driven initiatives and unique, compelling content are critical components of the organic and free traffic process. However, for marketers to understand what works and what doesn't work, data points and performance levels must get analyzed to establish what users are interested in and how effectively aligned your brand's content is.

Data-Driven Directives: We live in a data world, whereby the power of data is not only essential but also expected. Marketing strategies should  be based on credible insights and trends based on an in-depth analysis of customers' motivations, preferences, and behaviors.

SEO Strategies: It's imperative businesses utilize the abilities of an SEO expert, experienced within SEO at not only a very detailed level but also within Google algorithm processes. By understanding the website environment and whether your content:

  • meets with Google guidelines

  • provides consumers with the right content

  • gives visitors uniquely valuable experiences

can help build and maintain a strong online presence and provide enhanced Google ranking opportunities. 

Creative conclusions:  It's time to bring down the walls that often separate marketing teams by optimizing and consolidating performance, and utilizing the power of technology and data, with cleverly aligned digital marketing strategies to create campaigns that focus on every prospect and each customer to meet demands and expectations, improve the bottom line, grow revenue, increase efficiencies and scale.

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