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Content Audit: Do You Really Need It And Why?

The world of business today - and of tomorrow, too - is fast-paced and consumer-centric. There is no doubt that to enable a compelling customer experience requires companies to deploy complex strategies to deliver exceptional, compelling content that gets strongly aligned to a well-planned content marketing strategy.

The content needed for today no longer relates to a random blog post on your website or a newsy email blast to potential or existing customers. It is far more sophisticated and consists of the combination of static content forming web pages, with dynamic rich media content that not only engages your audience and successfully gains their interaction, but retains their interest going forward. 


It's time to not only think like a publisher, and ensure you align your content to your customer's high expectations, needs, and requirements but also to ensure your content is superior to that of your competitors, and this often requires the - 'implementation of content marketing strategies require a change of mindset for many companies' (Pulizzi and Barrett, 2010) 

This level of content includes but is not limited to:

  • quality compelling material, written by innovative writers

  • an editorial calendar with well-considered, appropriate, timely and scheduled delivery schedules

  • detailed research into your customer's requirements to determine how to align materials to support your business goals

  • careful and consistent tracking of analytics to establish which content engages, and is most effective for SEO purposes and which doesn't

Pulizzi and Barrett (2010) recommend that companies create a content roadmap that gets firmly hinged around what gets classified as BEST principals. This acronym stands for:

Behavioral Is what you are creating fit for purpose? 

Does it communicate what you want to say?

Does it engage your reader? 

What do you want your reader to after interacting with your content, and how?

Essential Align your content to ensure it delivers the information your prospects require

Strategic Your content marketing efforts must get deployed as a result of the 

identification of long-term or overall aims and the most beneficial means of 

achieving them.

Targeted It's essential you precisely target your content delivery efforts by ensuring it's 

relevant to your audience and gets delivered through numerous channels.


For a company to decide where they need to prioritize their content improvements, they must first evaluate their target audience. It's essential to understand their product's ability to serve the targeted audience, consider the immediate and medium-term vision aligned with delivering to the client's demands, and determine how best they can achieve these factors in unity.

Engaging the services of a digital marketing company such as Turnclicks Marketing makes this business-critical content audit simple. The finely tuned qualitative and quantitative analysis we perform determines if your digital content is not only relevant to your customer's needs and requirements but also your company's goals.

We establish how you need to shape your content governance to help provide content creators with the structure and guidelines that help achieve consistent messaging by considering such things as:

  • What's your content about?

  • Is your content accurate?

  • Is your content up-to-date?

  • Does your content support both user and business goals?

  • Is your content delivered cleanly and professionally?

  • Is your content easily found and getting used?

  • Do you logically organize your content?

  • Does your content have a consistent voice?

  • Do you have the correct SEO elements in place?

  • Where is your content ranking on search engines?

  • What is your content missing?

  • How can your content be improved?

However, this is just the tip of the iceberg, but fortunately, you don't need to dive into the icy waters as we are here to help guide you through the process, so why not contact us - One of our friendly team will be only too pleased to discuss your needs. 

Together we are stronger!

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