• Leigh Parker

3 Ways Digital Marketing Gives You An Advantage

The coronavirus - COVID-19 pandemic has spread across the globe, impacting individuals and businesses at unprecedented levels, and requiring everyone to take action today to be future-proofed tomorrow.

Governments and businesses worldwide have responded quickly and efficiently, implementing measures to help protect human lives, public safety, and livelihoods. These measures require a significant behavior shift throughout all societies - regardless of location, race, age, nationality, physical ability, appearance, gender, or any other measure of social status. 

You Are Not Alone!

No one is exempt from the risk of contracting the virus nor from the implementations such as social distancing regulations, lockdown rules, or circuit breaker orders made to try to prevent the virus from taking an even deeper hold.

This new way of life requires new ways of thinking, new ways of operating, new ways of leveraging opportunities to gain competitive advantage, and perhaps most importantly for businesses... new ways to remain relevant, and ultimately to survive?

With 'stay at home' notices and rules enforced to protect societies, online - digital marketing, is almost certainly going to be a brand's most vigorous defense against the impact of disruptions.

In-Person Events

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, governments globally implemented new measures to restrict the number of people being in the same location at the same time. In the first instance, this saw a massive downturn in event marketing, but this soon made way for even stronger rulings to get enforced, whereby cancellations were necessary, and people were told to stay at home.

How Should Marketers Respond?

With disruptions and cancellations occurring on an enormous scale, there is little wonder many companies are struggling financially. However, there is a way to pivot to digital marketing and embrace the benefits it provides.

People aren’t traveling overseas or moving around even on a localized basis, so there is absolutely no point investing your marketing budget allocation on billboards and other types of off-screen advertising - they won’t get seen!

The Need To Evaluate Processes

Your businesses must evaluate how they can better leverage marketing opportunities in this new society. In essence, people will be inside, on phones, tablets, and computers, and so you must reinvest wisely, and into digital strategies and online advertising. There has never been a better time to embark on a digital transformation than now, regardless of your enterprise's size - businesses ranging from small direct-to-consumer brands, to huge corporations, will face enormous challenges due to the outbreak.

The majority of businesses, and particularly eCommerce sellers, might benefit from the boredom and necessity that coronavirus has brought about!

New Habits Are Forming

It’s highly likely that we’ll see an uptick in the number of people shopping for products and services from their phones, tablets, and computers. These new shopping habits may well become a trend that continues long after the virus’ wrath abates, and these habits will then create substantial long-term gains for those offering online products and services. 

The coronavirus has brought about changes on a plethora of levels. New ways of working are occurring and at lightning speed. It is business-critical that companies focus their marketing efforts on developing transparent messaging through digital channels and to leverage the power of technology to keep up with the pace and subsequently gain an advantage when it comes to protecting their brand. 

Although marketers aren’t usually responsible for protecting the world by keeping the general public safe, it remains critical that their communications keep pace with the virus, and to evolve as new developments emerge. By doing so, businesses can align themselves with their customer's needs and requirements, act faster, and be better prepared to mitigate risks.

How Should Brands Update Their Communication Strategy?

Very few verticals - if any, will escape the impact of COVID-19. Businesses need to develop content strategies that surpass those of their competition.

Those companies that provide accurate information will strengthen relationships with their existing and potential customers by keeping existing connections and building higher levels of long-term trust.

Keeping your audience informed and focusing on delivering the right message at the right time helps to highlight your business as a preferred choice.

To Conclude

Unfortunately, we will likely see many businesses taking significant financial hits due to the disruption caused by COVID-19. However, it’s without any doubt that those companies that focus on digitally positioning their brand will benefit from solidifying lasting connections with their audience.

So, get that plan in place now and start slowly ramping it up! Doing so will ensure that when this situation subsides, you are first to market and can capitalize accordingly.

Start planning your comeback story by creating a reliable digital marketing strategy that allows your business to scale.

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