Since the day trading began, sellers have been marketing and seeking to find ways to reach the broader target audience to get ahead of the competition and gain an advantage. 


However, the business landscape has changed over time. Technology has advanced at a rapid pace, and key technologies and practices are essential to meet with the expectations of today's consumer-centric world. 


The world is in the digital space. It's difficult to imagine a time when we didn't have the instant gratification enabled by having the internet at our fingertips. 


Turnclicks Marketing has produced this fascinating infographic that highlights the revolutionary components involved in this exciting journey to where we find ourselves now. 


With the rise of the internet comes the need for companies to devise new digital marketing campaigns. Big data has become a fundamental marketing tool. Companies need to adapt, understand trends, and the role of social media influence, to realign their marketing strategies to drive the commercial benefits, client acquisition, and retention that ultimately scales business and enables margin improvement.

The Evolution Of Digital Marketing - PNG